Thursday, March 8, 2012

Codeigniter session issue fixation

 Codeigniter session issue fixation

I have a codeigniter site with a shopping cart and it is using database to store session values. But the session is going out when I add hundreds of products in it.

I have spent two days checking about it and finally find out the issue in it. It was failing to unserialize the session data stored in the ci_sessions table in the field 'user_data'.

After checking sometime I found that the field(user_data) is failing to store all serialized data in it. So when unserializing it is failing.

So I have changed the field type of 'user_data' from 'text' to 'longtext' and now it is able to store more data and my problem fixed. Now the session is not breaking.

Hope this info will help somebody else :)

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  1. Good catch. I found this via the codeigniter forums. I was having the same issue.